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>> Thursday, 4 June 2009

Pinoy Dinner is a food gathering of all Pinoys and non-Pinoys who love Filipino cooking which happens usually at the end of every month if not the first week. The idea came up when me and Ate Beth were talking about who has the highest work hours for the month of January 2009 . We are, mind you, very obsessed with our work hours because that will ultimately determine our pay slips! (alam ng mga Pinoy ‘to, aminin!)

In short, we, Filipinos, are very very hardworking individuals. =) That's how I put it. =)

So, I came up with the idea that whoever gets the highest hours worked- and of course-it follows- the highest paycheck, he/she will host a “Pinoy Dinner”.

I brought the idea when we were all present. Some questions were raised such as “what if I get to have the highest hours worked for two or three consecutive months? Of course, the answer is simple, then, you will be the host for those months! =) Follow-up question was, isn’t it unfair? Answer: No, you got the highest pay so consider it as sharing your blessings…hehehe. Don’t you want to share your blessings to the less fortunate ones? =P

So, all agreed, at gunpoint! Kidding!

The Criteria are simple.

1. Highest Hours Worked
2. Pinoy Dinner not less than 10GBP (don’t feed us with egg and hotdogs! =P )
3. Schedule it where most of Pinoys are not on duty.
4. No ready meals. (pre-packed) You have to cook at least 1 viand and 1 dessert. (simple!)
5. Of course, Filipino Food or Asian cuisine.

There are 7 of us Filipinos and we all live in one house and we also work in the same company, however, we don’t have much time to sit down and talk to each other because of our conflicting work schedules.

Pinoy Dinner is a perfect opportunity to gather around. We get to enjoy each and everyone, talk about our family, our dreams, our plans, joke about each other, laugh and just bond. We get to know each other more .We always have the company of our non-Filipino friends, Marek (Slovakian) and Babitha (Indian) who have learn to love Filipino cooking and have learned one or two of how “kalog” Filipinos can get!

If my memory serves me right, the first Pinoy Dinner was hosted by Floro, on January 2009. He didn’t however cook the pork adobo himself, but, left me with the ingredients ready and asked me to cook for him. Then he left, leaving me to “host” because he was on graveyard shift. He was the only one absent in his Pinoy Dinner!

Then the next host was Cyde, my sister, then Ate Rose, the ultimate top grosser who hosted two consecutive months!

And then..tantararataaaanannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ME!weeeeeee

So what did I cook?

Papaitan and Ginagmay and fruit salad for dessert!!!

For this post, I will share the Papaitan Recipe.

Papaitan/Papait (in Bisaya) is a bitter, spicy and peppery, offal stew- a famous native dish from the Philippines. It is usually made using goat’s tripe and innards or offal (kidneys, heart, liver) and then flavored with bile thus the name “papaitan” from the word “pait”which means bitter.

There are so many versions of Papaitan, but whether it is made of goat, pork, or ox, it always uses the animal’s tripe, innards and of course bile.

I was so excited to have found an Ox Papaitan pack at a Filipino/Indian store downtown. A set consists of tripe, kidney, heart, liver and a small packet of diluted bile. Goldmine! Yahooooo!

My mom, of course, taught me how to cook this one. I called her up before I started cooking and although most Papaitan versions look like stew/soup, our version is less of a soup, but definitely not less of the taste!

Try it for yourself. =)

Caution: For non-Filipinos, a well-trained palate is a must and you must embrace the thought of eating tripe and offal. =)


1 Ox Papaitan Pack (tripe, kidney, liver, heart, and bile) cut in strips
5 cloves chopped garlic
¼ c chopped garlic
1 c chopped onion
1 c julienne (strips) ginger
2 red hot chillis chopped
1 small sweet red pepper julienne
1 small green bell pepper julienne
Salt and pepper
Spring onions for garnish


Wash ox tripe thoroughly. Cut into strips, add 3 cloves chopped garlic, ¼ c ginger, salt and pepper, 1 cup water and simmer gently until tender adding water as needed.

Halfway thru the process, in a separate pan, combine ox kidney, heart, liver, 2 cloves chopped garlic, 1 cup water, salt and pepper and simmer for 20 minutes. Transfer on a dish. Set aside.

In the same pan, heat 2 tbsp oil over moderate high heat. Sauté onion and garlic until translucent and slightly browned. Then add ginger and hot chillis, sauté for another 3 minutes.

Add cooked innards and tripe including its broth. Season with salt and pepper. Cover and simmer for 15 minutes. Stir occasionally.

Pour in bile little at a time until desired bitterness is achieved. Then simmer for another 3 minutes.

Turn off the heat, add sweet and green bell pepper and cover for 5 minutes while you prepare the table =P.

Garnish with chopped spring onions and serve with rice.

Best paired with a mug of beer! (we didn’t, instead we had ice cold cola! wholesome kami! nyehehehe)

Kainan na!!!!!! (Let's eat!)


Justin 4 June 2009 at 18:19  

sounds like fun, but Ox Papaitan Pack makes me a little nervous...

Confession Nook 5 June 2009 at 08:20  

yeah i know Justin! only a few have the courage to eat offal!'ll never know unless you try though...won't hurt..=)

Manang Kim 5 June 2009 at 18:38  

Hahaha Floro is the ultimate highest hour worker mantakin mo kahit sa kanyang "host" day absent kasi nasa work ang yaman na siguro ni Floro hehehe.
The idea is fun enough for Pinoys who worked hard. Diba a pinoy that work hard and no play makes a pinoy dull hehe tama ba ako or na e-rambol ko ang wordings hehe?? Other nationalities didn't know that we Pinoys are happy people aside from being a hard working people just a Filipino food (like papait) on the table and a karaoke time happy na tayo dyan (I wonder kung may san mig dyan?). I just wonder too who hosted the February, March, April and May siguro si Floro ano? Joke!

Confession Nook 6 June 2009 at 08:00  

yep manang kim! youre so right...just a simple dinenr and karaoke/magic sing will do the trick,happy na! but unfortunately we don't have magic sing yet!.yet ha...bibili pa kami..weee..
Cyde, my sister hosted the february pinoy dinner, then Ate Rose-for March and April- then May-- Me..=)
Our indian co-worker's husband said to her..oh youre becoming more and more like Filipino already..=) that's what I call, embracing each others culture and differences...i do enjoy eating indian is slovakian food..=)

Ozge 6 June 2009 at 23:50  

I am very impressed with Filipino people being there for each other, loving get togethers and there is always a lot of food to enjoy!

Tangled Noodle 7 June 2009 at 03:11  

This is great! I have never actually eaten papaitan but have always wanted to try. But you may be more fortunate than me: I doubt I'll find the pack anywhere here and even the bile might be hard to come by. However, I'll try as many Asian/SE Asian groceries as possible. Thanks for the recipe.

cpsanti 14 June 2009 at 08:10  

hahahah! i had this for the first time when one of the guys at the dorm brought back a whole goat (albeit chopped up and packed) from manila. sigh. we used to have feasts like these at the dorm, gah, i miss them!

Confession Nook 14 June 2009 at 09:52  

ozge: thanks dear!

TN: oh please do try..=) im sure you can find one..let me know..=)

caryn: yeah! i bet this is one of every filipino guy's pulutan list..=)

Manang 30 June 2009 at 10:08  

i'd love to try this! The only year I had offal and bile available, I had no recipe to refer to. Now it is not allowed for us to ask for the offal from the butcher. So I might have to get the tripe from a Chinese store 2 hrs away.

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