110 for 2010

I'm crossing my fingers and toes and your toes too, if you may, that I will be able to finish baking/cooking what is on this list. I am quite notorious when it comes to lists, which means that I don't often get to finish all of it...because I'm naughty and I like/love to get away with to do's by fooling around and making/doing something that's not in the to-do list. yihiiihiii

I think I'm one of the few (or many) who didn't have new year resolutions, do you? Because I do believe that you can make that any time of the day..anytime of the year. And I recently am a believer of a thing called procrastination aka relaxation (in my vocabulary). It's a disease and right now I am having that, and I am enjoying it, since I usually have a very obsessive-compulsive behavior of wanting something to do always.


So this list actually is not a list that would probably put too much pressure on me since I enjoy cooking and baking and getting my mouth stuffed. And I want to gain weight as I am on the verge of losing the last strand of muscle in my gluteus maximus. LOL I know!?, I love food but I don't seem to be getting weight with all the food I am eating! They say I'm lucky, I think, I am indeed. bleh!  LOL

I definitely will post even if it's a "disaster in the kitchen" as I would be very glad and forever be thankful with any tips/help from you to improve/resuscitate it.

So join me as I cook/bake/blog all of these with a little bit of everything from here and there, some are ridiculously easy, some are not...mostly Filipino food as I want to go back to my roots and share with all of you the beauty/simplicity/bizzare and mouthwatering dishes Filipino cooking can offer. =)

110 FOR 2010

1. Sugar cookies
2. Macarons
3. Banana cake
4. Date Cake
5. Pita Bread
6. Cheesecake
7. Sticky cinnamon
8. Lemon bars
9. Cupcakes with Cream cheese frosting (I have done cupcakes but with buttercream frosting)
10. Croissants
11. Cake pops- because I love Bakerella's pops!
12. Gourmet Balut- as requested by a friend in bloggerworld
13. Crispy Pata- see disaster in the kitchen of why I want to make this baby again.=P
14. Ratatouille- because that rat in ratatouille movie is adorable!
15. Pizza
16. Sansrival
17. Crème brulee
18. Doughnuts
19. Tarte tatin
20. Ice cream
21. Chocolate chip cookies- chewy chewy like Millie’s!
22. Sushi
23. French Fries- my son's favorite snack!
24. Marzipan
25. Fondant
26. Souffle
27. Focaccia
28. Pretzels
29. Baguettes
30. Homemade Pasta/noodles- because I like the idea of terrorizing myself without a pasta machine.
31. Scones
32. Carrot cake
33. Red velvet cake
34. Pots de crème
35. Toad-in-a-hole
36. Black Forest Cake
37. Baklava
38. Chocolate Truffles
39. Clam chowder
40. Marshmallow
41. Nanaimo bars
42. Guacamole
43. Mexican wraps
44. Fried Mussels/Baked Mussels with Cheese
45. (Braised Pork) Humba like Manang Inday's
47. Babaganoush /eggplant salad
48. Kare-Kare (Beef in Peanut Sauce)
49. Morcon
50. Adobo Flakes
51. Fish ball
52. Tempura
53. Red Velvet cake
54. Picatta
55. Carrot cake
56. Pork Cordon Bleu
57. Pad Thai
58. Lechon Kawali
59. Binignit
60. Seafood Chopsuey
61. Binagoongang baboy
62. Native Chicken Tinola
63. Pancit Guisado
64. Bihon Guisado
65. Yeung Chow Fried Rice/ Yang Zhou Chao Fan
66. Batchoy (Ramen Pinoy version)
67. Palitao
68. Yema
69. Adobo Chicken
70. Lomi
71. Fried Lumpia
72. Brazo de Mercedes
73. Pilipit
74. Breakfast Silogs
75. Dish with Bamboo shoots
76. Buko Pie
77. Salt and Chilli Crab
78. Crab Guinataan
79. Puso ng Saging salad
80. Adobong Pusit
81. Calamares
82. Lengua estofado
83. Shrimp Sinigang/Shrimp Miso
84. Pandesal
85. Puto
86. Cheese sticks
87. Siopao
88. Pinakbet
89. Laing
90. Fried Tofu/tokwa with black bean sauce
91. Fried Pantat (Catfish) with Sauce
92. Chicken Curry Filipino Style
93. Chicken Macaroni
94. Adobong Pork knuckles
95. Jelly Roll
96. Moist Chocolate Cake
97. Pate a choux/cream puff dough
98. Hainanese Chicken
99. Fresh Lumpia
100. Rice toppings- requested by my sister =)
101. Profiteroles
102. Steamed Fish ala Restaurant style- because I want to make a steamed fish without the fishy smell
103. Kung Pao Chicken
104. Tossed Green Salad with a to-die for dressing- because I'm tired of bottled dressings errr
105. Isaw/IUD Barbecued Chicken Intestines-- bwahahaha I shall terrorize you!
106. Fluffy Mamon
107. Ensaymada
108. to be continued.....(this is not a dish)


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