My Bloody Red 26th Birthday!

>> Monday, 6 April 2009

On my birthday I prepared just 2 dishes.. Hot chilli battered chicken and sweet and sour cod..wasn’t able to take photos coz mr. sony wasn’t in the mood (lowbatt)

The chilli chicken was an experiment..yeah experimenting something on my birthday..i thought i wanted to create a KFC-like chicken since all of us here are crazy about the chicken bucket meal..a bucket would cost around 700 pesos so i though id try to make one for just 2 pounds..roughly 140pesos..and i did! baby said it was better than KFC daw! asus!

Ill make one again and post the recipe here plus the pics..including the sweet and sour cod (cod was about 600pesos/kilo here) i bought a kilo for all of us…they were crazy about the sauce..=)..

ate beth bought 2 ice creams..kuya ed donated 2 pounds..hehehe thanks guys really…and babby gave me chicken tikka masala for my lunch today..(she knows im crazy about her masala!)

so we dressed up…put on our stilletos and dresses…it was a fun night! they sang happy burtday..took a video of it …can’t post it here since its too i just took some snapshots out of the video and made a collage =)

thanks to all who greeted me….mama and papa sang me a birthday song early in the morning on my birthday, around 5.30am…=) bugoi sang me haburtday mommie..they also celebrated at home, (orlov thought it was his birthday! ehhehe) and mylove wants to give me a watch (whatever watch i like!) i haven’t chosen any yet..still looking…=)..

thanks guys…=)


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