Comfort Food #1 Nilagang Saging (Steamed Saba Bananas)

>> Saturday, 18 April 2009

Just when I thought I will never have the chance to eat nilagang saging na sab-a (steamed saba bananas ) again till I come back home, I was totally wrong. You see, this is my most favorite food. It's not a grand and luxurious food but I won't trade it for caviar, foie gras or truffles..or maybe I didn't grow up with all those foods but then, there's no food that would probably transfer my affection with nilagang saging and bagoong/ginamos.

So, how on earth was I able to get hold of this babies?

The key was Ate Beth, she went to her friend with a Pinoy store in Taunton and it happened they sell frozen nilagang saging. Yes, it is frozen, because you will never find a fresh raw banana here in the UK. I would pay as much as 100 pounds just to have one! Ok..I'm exaggerating, maybe 10..=P
Moving on, she went home carrying my precious "bananas" but then I had to go to work for the entire evening. All I thought about at work was my special breakfast the next day, oh my! I can't wait..=)

So here it is..I steamed 5 pieces of it. Prepared a mouth-watering concoction of bagoong (fish sauce), chopped fresh red hot chilli and vinegar.

What can I say..first bite was heavenly! Then, I can't remember what happened next..'till I wrote this blog.

Are you a fan of nilagang saging with bagoong or ginamos? Tell me..tell me..=)


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