Fraudulent Charge by Mipay

>> Thursday, 6 August 2009

I know this isn't food-related but I just want to share this to you guys. To those who have registered with online top-up powered by Mipay, I strongly suggest that you cancel your account with them or better yet cancel your debit/credit card that you have registered with them. Mipay has fraudulently charged me 10GBP for an online top up I didn't make. This happened last week, I called up my bank HSBC and reported, few days after they refunded the money back to my account. Good thing.

If you try to search over the internet, you will find a lot of complaints regarding Mipay charging not just 10GBP but 30GBP for an online top up the customers didn't make. Although HSBC and some of the banks have already refunded the money to these people but then in my opinion it is very very inconvenient and it feels so insecure to have your card details in their system.

I already bought a new sim card and made sure that their online top up isn't powered by Mipay, cancelled my registration with Mipay and on top of that, applied for a new card. How inconvenient that is! Better be sure than sorry though.


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