Lisa Orgler and My Cooking

>> Thursday, 18 June 2009

WOW! This really made my day and I've been looking forward to this...

drum rolling....

My Beef Stroganoff is featured in Lisa Orgler's "The Lunchbox Project".
*Lisa Orgler Award-winning artist and designer. She has been creating innovative landscapes and media for over ten years. She started her own design company in 2001 under the names Pigs & Poppies, then later changed it to Lisa Orgler Design. Lisa earned her Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Landscape Architecture from Iowa State University. Her energetic presentations and fresh perspective make her a popular choice for garden design and art talks across the country. Her current project is writing a book on out-of-the ordinary garden design.

Thank you so much Lisa! Your art is AMAZING!

*About Lisa Orgler

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