>> Tuesday, 3 March 2009

It doesn't mean that I dislike -CHANGE-, but I'm uneasy with unfamiliarity. One thing I know about myself is that I am easily attached to things. I am attached to my blog because it's where I vent. Much to my dismay, my FS blog can only upload for up to 50MB of media only. I was on the process of updating my blog- writing about Tuna Mushroom Pasta- when the system went mental, it won't upload pictures no more. Grrrr..oh yes, of course, I didn't realized before I started my blog that I can only upload max 50MB..grr again!

Good thing that picassa and made it easier for me to create a new blog. I must say I am quite a retard when it comes to web designing stuff. That's why this blog is so simple but just like the way i wanted.

Hope you keep on reading and please do leave a comment. =) cheers!


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