>> Thursday, 29 January 2009

i was thinking of something to seems that my head isn't up and i just continued listening to "kung ok lang sayo". .. (a local song from a band called truefaith)..while writing this post. It's quite chilly here since i didnt turn on the heater yet. be right back in a sec....

ok i am here again, the heater's turned on to 25 should be warm in a couple of minutes..=)

need to change the song played from my imeem opm playlist has been running all day, so currently i am playing my bossanova playlist which contains most of my favorite songs if not this so you can relate

i was thinking of putting a feedjit to my blog but unfortunately i still don't know how to go about you might want to help me how to ..if youre kind enough..=P

in a couple of hours, i'll be going out for my work, i was thinking what to eat today. Im thinking of making beef with honey and does that sound?

been counting calories..ive eaten a lot of chocolates and yogurt which is about 500kcal.. yes i am trying to gain weight...

now im thinking of what to cook tomorrow after work..i want something heavy..i haven't tried looking up at my newly bought recipe book..which contains mostly southern cuisine and some mediterrenean..speaking of that..i just remebered someone..nevermind..

i got to eat now..ciao


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